Escape Velocity by Chelsea O'Brian

Escape Velocity by Chelsea O'Brian
October 17th to October 31st, 2011
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PAY ATTENTION. LOOK UP. It's not a bird, it's not a plane - it's Escape Velocity by Chelsea O'Brian. This is the sixth in the 10 Seconds series of commissioned works for the Canada Line video screens as part of a yearlong project celebrating Vancouver 125. LAUNCHING October 17!!!

Chelsea O'Brian celebrates Vancouver 125 from her unique bird’s-eye view flying over the city on her Aerial Kite. This is performance art of-our-time combining the extreme elements of human acrobatic skills, filmmaking, helicopters and technology.

Escape Velocity is a liberating flight of fancy. This 10-second film blends the speed and force of a helicopter with the magic, grace and beauty of a performer suspended in-the-air. Over the last 125 years we have evolved from a wooden shantytown to a city of concrete highrises constantly exceeding the vertical limits of yesterday. What may seem inaccessible becomes possible as science, technology and the dreams of artists propel us towards new ways of seeing and experiencing the world in which we live. We will soon be flying around in personal jetpacks as we take off and land on 100-storey buildings.

Escape Velocity is dedicated to all those who have ever sat in a crowded commuter train wishing they could escape the urban hell and just fly away...

Chelsea O'Brian has worked in circus, dance, film, and theatre. While attending the National Circus School of Montreal, she invented the Aerial Kite and has developed its original technique. She has toured with Cirque Plume in France as an original cast member of L'Atelier du peintre, as well as participating in the show's creation (2008-2010). From Vancouver, she is now based in San Francisco. She was most recently in Vancouver performing in the equestrian-based multidisciplinary show Cavalia

Escape Velocity launches October 17th to October 31st on the Canada Line subway video screens and on Facebook and YouTube. A new work will be featured each month on the Canada Line April 2011 to March 2012, playing every 2 minutes to an audience of over 100,000 commuters per day. See previous projects Hippie Chick by Dana Claxton, Slash Forward by Michael Turner, One Percent by James Yan, Movement For Two Grannies by Laiwan, and An Ode To Vancouver Hockey Fans by Jeff Chiba Stearns on YouTube.

10 Seconds is curated by Paul Wong and presented by On Main in partnership with InTransitBC. Commissioned by the City of Vancouver Public Art Program with the support of Vancouver 125 and the participation of the Government of Canada.

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Press Release (pdf)

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