An Ode To Vancouver Hockey Fans by Jeff Chiba Stearns

An Ode To Vancouver Hockey Fans by Jeff Chiba Stearns
September 19th to September 30th, 2011
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We mark the beginning of fall by bringing you An Ode To Vancouver Hockey Fans, a reminder of how summer began with a massive hang-over and the still lingering after-effects of losing the 2011 Stanley Cup. This cheeky work by award-winning animator Jeff Chiba Stearns is the fifth in the 10 Seconds series of commissioned works for the Canada Line video screens as part of a yearlong project celebrating Vancouver 125.

Amidst the post-riot litany of blaming, analysis, news stories, mobile phone recordings, internet outings, confessions, media vigilantism, public shock and grief, we provide an artistic response to the Stanley Cup playoff riot, an event that will be well remembered long after the birthday candles have gone out on Vancouver 125. Jeff Chiba Stearns has created a series of 120 drawings on 4" x 6" yellow sticky notes, animated at 12 frames per second it is a refreshing visual form in comparison to the barrage of photo, video and blogging on this event. While sticky notes are most often used to post reminders and to-do lists, here they are used as an artistic medium to depict a cute youthful serpent who appears out of the sea to join the party, and with great enthusiasm uses his fire-breathing skills to ignite the Olympic cauldron then a Vancouver police car all performed to the cheering crowds.

An Ode To Vancouver Hockey Fans is a self-reflection about the riot, which started when Jeff was flying home from Toronto. Like most, his emotional reaction to seeing his city on fire was shock and helplessness mediated by the news coverage. He has taken our collective vulnerability and is questioning the fine-line between controlled celebration and out-of-control mayhem.

"This idea is about peoples' reactions to cheer when good things happen and even when bad things happen. When the Olympic torch was relit for the Canucks' playoff run, people got excited... and when the city rioted people got even more excited. It's a strange world in which we live" (J.C.S., 2011).

Jeff Chiba Stearns is an animation and documentary filmmaker. Born in Kelowna, BC of Japanese and European heritage, a graduate of the Emily Carr University of Art & Design in 2001, he founded Meditating Bunny Studio Inc. His animated short Yellow Sticky Notes (2007) has screened at over a hundred festivals internationally to critical acclaim. Ode to a Post-it Note (2010) won a Webby Award for Best Branded Entertainment in 2011. His first feature documentary One Big Hapa Family (2010) won NFB Best Canadian Film at Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival (2010) and Best Short Documentary at Trail Dance Film Festival (2011). He received the Cultural Pioneer Award from Harvard University in 2011 for his exploration of multiethnic identity in his work.

An Ode To Vancouver Hockey Fans launches September 19th to September 30th on the Canada Line subway video screens and on Facebook and YouTube. A new work will be featured each month on the Canada Line April 2011 to March 2012, playing every 2 minutes to an audience of over 100,000 commuters per day. See previous projects Hippie Chick by Dana Claxton, Slash Forward by Michael Turner, One Percent by James Yan and Movement For Two Grannies by Laiwan on YouTube.

10 Seconds is curated by Paul Wong and presented by On Main in partnership with InTransitBC. Commissioned by the City of Vancouver Public Art Program with the support of Vancouver 125 and the participation of the Government of Canada.

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Press Release (pdf)

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