Thru the Trapdoor Documentation Launch Party!


Join us for the premier of a video produced by VANDOCUMENT, the launch of the Thru the Trapdoor website, and receive a free copy of the publication, a 2015 calendar with images of the exhibition.

Thru the Trapdoor was an interdisciplinary art exhibition and event that took place from April 22 to 27, 2014. It was produced to mark the end of an era for the building at 1965 Main Street. For over 2 decades that address had housed the VIVO Media Arts Centre and had provided short and long-term studios for dozens of artists, collectives, festivals and organizations including On Main Gallery who operated out of the storefront since 2007.

In 2011, building owner Rick Erickson renovated the gallery and built a “secret trap door” that led to the basement of the building and Alderbridge Mini-Storage; a 6500 sq. ft. labyrinth of hallways with 70 lockers in all shapes and sizes. The roughly assembled and inexpensive storage units were unmonitored, self-serve and accessible 24/7. They provided storage for many colourful characters over the years, including a music recording studio, artists, art collectors, hoarders, small businesses, divorcées, people living out of cars, and even rumoured sex workers.
The sale of the building and its scheduled demolition offered an opportunity to use the space as never before, and to send it off with a blast. Thru the Trapdoor allowed us to hearken back to the free sprit of large underground warehouse shows of the 1970’s and 1980’s and to create a D.I.Y. exhibition where anything could happen with style and attitude. We invited artists and curators to propose projects that addressed the site-specific potential, content and context of the exhibition. We kept the parameters loose and inclusive, which quickly snowballed to artists inviting other artists, artists acting as curators and curators as artists.

The end result was 77 participants who created 48 projects and performances. Thru the Trapdoor facilitated new imaginings and allowed both artists and the public to believe that anything was possible (if only for a brief moment). We were overwhelmed by the wide range of the artists who participated, the exceptional variety and scale of projects that were completed and by the positive response from the viewers. Together we created an experience that presented interdisciplinary multi-sensory art works that engaged the audience in both familiar and unexpected ways.

We invite you to relive Thru the Trapdoor through this documentation.

Join us for a drink at the beautiful Fox Cabaret and pick up your free 2015 wall calendar. 12×9″, 32 pages, ISBN 978-0-9694777-6-1


Thru The Trapdoor List of Artists & Curators
Amy Fung
Annie Briard
Attila Richard Lukacs
Boris Zchklw
Brian Howell
Cam Andrews & Jessica Bushey
Charles Rea
Christian Pelech
Dan Leonard
David Campion
David Khang
Dave Leith, Laura Lee Coles, Rob Scharein
DRIL Art Collective
DJ Clarence & Wilson Hart
DJ Silk & Lisa Frank
Elisa Ferrari
Emily Neufeld
Evann Siebens
Glenn Alteen
Hashman Deejay
Howie Tsui
Jay Senetchko
John Brennan
Jonny Sopotiuk
Jonathan Middleton
Katherine Coe
Kenneth Yuen
Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun
Leó Stefánsson
Lynn Chen
Makiko Hara
Malcolm Levy
Mark Nazemi
Michael Edward Miller
Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas
Nam Shub
Noxious Sector
Olivia Fauland
Patrick Campbell
Patrick Daggitt
Paul Wong
Rachel Iwaasa & Lisa Cay Miller
Randy Gledhill
Hammock Residency
Rick Erickson
SD Holman
Sebnem Ozpeta
Star City (RIP)
Sydney Southam
Tomas Jirku
Tommy Chain
Vjeko Sager
Williams Bros.
Wynne Palmer


Participating Organizations

Arrival Agency

Cinevolution Media Arts Society

grunt gallery

Hybridity Media

Loco Moto Art Collective

Or Gallery

New Forms Festival


VIVO Media Arts Centre



Bomber Brewing

On Main Staff & Volunteers

Adam Sterling Vincent

Angela Ko (Intern)

Del Hillier

Donna Partridge

Emily Lougheed

Kenneth Yuen

Parker Wong

Patrick Daggitt

Scott Snelling

Thomas Anselmi

Tommy Chain

Trevor Discoe

Trevor Wong

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