MIMMiC Tofino Prototype

“Since the first iPad was released in 2010, it has totally altered the way in which artists can present their ideas.
The creative potential of the touch-screen is enormous. I am so inspired.” -Paul Wong

MIMMiC (Mobile Interactive Modular Multiscreen iPad Canvas) is an exciting new project that will allow an artist to create and exhibit work interactively on a matrix of iPads. The touch-screens can be displayed dynamically in 2D and 3D spaces, responding in unison activated by the viewer.

Patrick Daggitt, software developer and Paul Wong, artistic director have just completed development of a working prototype. Tofino is a new work created specifically to explore the interactive capabilities for 9 screens. On Main will be inviting and commissioning artists to play and create new works with MIMMiC.

The development of this software and hardware matrix was made possible with funding from BC Film Innovations, BC Arts Council Media Arts and Kickstarter.


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