Endless Kind Of Time at the Hotel Vancouver, NYE 2014


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1500 people attended an all night dance party with showstopping entertainment, art & spectacle.
The city’s top talent plus international performers in the historical Hotel Vancouver’s luxury ballrooms.



Curated by Paul Wong Endless Kind Of Time was an evocative program of cinematic moments and video art from our time zone and beyond that examine notions of suspended disbelief, fast-forwarded realities, and altered states of perception. It featured a stellar selection of artists from Canada, U.S.A and Europe. The British Ballroom was transformed into an ethereal space with floating projection screens of beaming light, looping gif’s, abstract animations, classic drama, conceptual art, generative movement and the more charged.
Welcome to your Endless Kind Of Time.


An Ode to Vancouver Hockey Fans by Jeff Chiba Stearns
Dovetale + Polar Bear: Native to Vancouver  by Tony Pantages
Escape Velocity by Chelsea O’Brian
Hippie Chick by Dana Claxton
Garden Variety by Lorna Mills
Glitter Desert by John Beagles + Graham Ramsay
One Percent by James Yan
Movement for Two Grannies by Laiwan
Pas de Deux by Norman McLaren
Plus de Deux by David Frankovitch
Queen of Oak Bay  by Tommy Chain
Rails by Brian Gotro
Slash Forward by Michael Turner
The Minatures by Lisa Steele + Kim Tomczak
The Shining (A Mashup) by Stanley Kubrick
Vancouver Codes by Douglas Coupland


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