About On Main Gallery

On Main is an artist-run organization (est. 1985) dedicated to encouraging, producing and presenting new art by emerging and established Canadian artists that is challenging, contemporary, diverse and enlightening to local, national and international audiences.

On Main democratizes access to art by claiming and recontextualizing conventional and new forms of private, public and virtual spaces for art and artistic practices that encourage intersections between culturally diverse generations of artists, artistic disciplines and the public.

Located in Vancouver, On Main presents projects in and out of conventional art spaces regionally, nationally and internationally, including by vaporetto, airplane, bus and train; within the hotel, geodesic dome, classical garden, cemetery and other temporal and site-specific locations. On Main operates on a project-to-project basis. Follow us on YouTube and Facebook. Visit our archive (1985-2007) at www.onedge.tv.

Artistic Director Paul Wong is a respected contemporary art curator and programmer of photography, visual, media and interdisciplinary art. He is known for his tough engagement with controversial issues and his eye for social context, driven by an insatiable search for identity, community and authenticity. Facilitating the work of other artists has been an important parallel activity that has always been closely related to his artistic interests, along with the creation of access to public spaces inside and outside of conventional galleries. An established award-winning artist, he has been at the forefront as a pioneer of media art forms and in the development of audiences and critical attention for these new forms.