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On Main Gallery presents MIMMiC: Disruption at ISEA2015, which includes the premiere of Paul Wong’s Wave Cycle and three works-in-progress by Evann Siebens, Sammy Chien and Adam Myhill & Christine Wallace. These works have been commissioned by On Main Gallery.


Sun – Tues Aug 16-18, Room 2345, SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts.


MIMMiC (Mobile Interactive Modular Multiscreen iPad Canvas) is a software platform that uses 9 synchronized tablets. The software allows media to be displayed on a series of touch-screens with the ability of each module to react individually or as a group. Its main function is to disrupt media intelligently across multiple screens. This software and hardware platform is a collaborative development from On Main Gallery, Paul Wong and Patrick Daggitt assisted by CreativeBC, BC Arts Council and Kickstarter. We are proud to launch this intuitive and exciting app that has been three years in the making.



Wave Cycle Aug 16-18, 2-5pm
On exhibit will be Paul Wong’s Wave Cycle (2015), images and sounds of crashing water recorded on BC’s wild West Coast. Participants are encouraged to touch the screens using 1 to 4 finger gestures: taps, strokes, and swipes to interact with the artwork. Daily exhibition 2-5pm Wave Cycle.


Artist’s Demos Aug 16-18, 2015
We have commissioned interdisciplinary artists to further explore, expand and create new works, these works-in-progress will be presented as artist demos.
Sun Aug 16, 12—1pm Artist Demo: Evann Siebens with Wong/Daggitt.
Mon Aug 17, 12—1pm Artist Demo: Sammy Chien with Wong/Daggitt.
Tue Aug 18, 10:30—11:30am Artist Demo: Adam Myhill & Christine Wallace with Wong/Daggitt.


Evann Siebens work is a response to gesture, the point of contact between the user and the interface of MIMMiC. The production involves three generations of women’s hands communicating through touch.


Sammy Chien will be directing a new media performance inspired from I Ching, the ancient Chinese divination text known as the Book of Changes. Performers activate the screens, which in turn activates the performers. This is a reflection of the impact of the mediated experience upon contemporary society as well as situating this work within a specific cultural context in an audiovisual and performative format.


Adam Myhill and Christine Wallace are collaborating to produce an interactive sculpture that incorporates touch-screens and the human form. Cinematically composed shots of Wallace, an award-winning female bodybuilder, will test our conceptions of touch, consent, gender, and strength.


ISEA is one of the world’s most prominent international arts and technology events, bringing together scholarly, artistic, and scientific domains in an interdisciplinary discussion and showcase of creative productions applying new technologies in art, interactivity, and electronic and digital media. The event annually brings together artists, designers, academics, technologists, scientists, and general audience in the thousands. The symposium consists of a conference, exhibitions, and events—from large scale interactive art to cutting edge electronic music performance.


ISEA2015’s theme of DISRUPTION invites a conversation about the aesthetics of change, renewal, and game-changing paradigms. We look to raw bursts of energy, reconciliation, error, and the destructive and creative forces of the new. Disruption contains both blue sky and black smoke. When we speak of radical emergence we must also address things left behind. Disruption is both incremental and monumental. Artists push, shape, break; designers reinvent and overturn; scientists challenge, disprove and re-state; technologists hack and subvert to rebuild.


ISEA2015 marks its return to Canada, since the groundbreaking first Canadian ISEA1995 in Montréal. In the last four years ISEA has been in Istanbul; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Sydney, Australia; and Dubai. The Symposium will be at the Woodward’s campus of Simon Fraser University, with events at Vancouver Art Gallery, Emily Carr University and other sites. isea2015.org


Paul Wong is a pioneering award-winning artist and the Artistic Director of On Main Gallery. paulwongprojects.com


Patrick Daggitt is an artist who uses code, projection, and the web to build digital experiences that act as a mode of collaboration between the viewer and the artist. patrick-daggitt.com


Evann Siebens has a background as a dancer, choreographer, documentary filmmaker, experimental visual and media artist. evannsiebens.com


Sammy Chien is an interdisciplinary artist, performer and the Artistic Director of Chimerik Collective who works with new media technology chimerik.com


Adam Myhill and Christine Wallace are teaming up to collaborate. Myhill is an award-winning cinematographer, CG supervisor, art director, and animator; Wallace is a professional actor and bodybuilder. adammyhill.com


On Main Gallery is a non-profit organization that produces, commissions and presents new forms of visual and media art.



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